A ‘Dr. Evil’ Moment for House Republicans

On January 6, this tweet appeared. Uhhhh, holy shit pic.twitter.com/9rthmnuuEH — Sebastian @SF (@gundamman) January 5, 2017 The top photo is real, although a reasonable person might suspect it was manipulated (or posed?), so striking is the resemblance to the still from the 1997 comedy “Austin Powers,” featuring Mike Myers in one of his two roles, here, Dr. Evil. […]

The horse he rode in on

Below is a letter I sent to The Wall Street Journal editor in chief, Gerard Baker, on Nov. 14, in response to his message about the new format of the newspaper, a kind of Journal Lite, or so he seems to be saying. I’m posting it here just in case he doesn’t read the copy sent to the paper’s […]

A Wagonload of ‘I Don’t Knows’ Stumpfs Congressional Panel

  John Stumpf showed the world today how the CEO of a very large bank can be totally out of touch with the organization he oversees. Or, maybe he just showed us how hard it is to say “I’m sorry” without incriminating yourself. Either way, he made heavy use of the phrase, “I don’t know.” One member of the […]

Up in Smoke: Any Chance of Halting Creation of the Utility Monster that Ate Cleveland. And Baltimore. And, …

If you’re a news junkie in the D.C. area and you’ve been following the proposed Pepco-Exelon merger drama for the past couple of years, you might know that at 1:54 p.m. today, the Washington Business Journal announced that D.C. Public Service Commission — the last regulatory hurdle to the $6.8 billion all-cash tie-up of energy giant Exelon and local utility […]

Air Force One Awaits its Presidential Wannabes

The Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., will host tonight’s Second Republican presidential debate, with Air Force One as the backdrop. Click here for more photos of the Boeing 707 used as Air Force One during the Reagan presidency, and the library.

Securities Market Asia

Ex NYSE Chief: Regulation NMS was a sad, sad experiment

In this weekend’s look back at the news, Dick Grasso, who presided over the New York Stock Exchange between 1995 and 2003, told hosts of Wall Street Week that the SEC’s 2005 adoption of Regulation NMS was a “sad, sad experiment.” The interview, which was taped Friday, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal, covered a lot of ground, […]